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How it Works

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The CLP's content is supplied via  modules that contain packs of role relevant information that shape the pupil's "Tasks". Packs comprise of, textual information, imagery, map locations etc resolutions and results.

Easy Access
Each participant, once logged in to the system, is provided with relevant information and suggestions via his/her tablet, smartphone or laptop. All access is controlled by the educator who sees everything the participants contribute.

Tailored content
The initial version is aimed at heritage issues, but any subject or issue that involves decision-making can be accommodated in the content of the platform.

Editable tasks
The educator can edit the content of the platform's scenarios to suit real or virtual places and/or issues.

Collaborative voting
The platform is based on role play via groups or individuals. Discussion of the issues within role groups is encouraged by the platform.

Group specific results
How each group dealt with the issues and the result of their decision-making is visible to the educator and on the master screen.
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