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The Collaborative Learning Platform, developed by Tavasham CIC, is a lesson delivery system - a framework to engage and assess students, encourage them to explore options and resolve problems.The use of their own smartphones (or the schools tablets, laptops) enables individuals to discuss issues and choose solutions as a team.

The healthy discussion based on role play ensures a more complete understanding of issues surrounding a particular lesson subject which can range from Calculus, quantum mechanics, HS2, Brexit, geography, or any curriculum based subject.

A 90 day free trial comes complete with 5 ready made modules based on heritage issues ranging from planning application for a supermarket to refighting the battle of Hastings. These scenarios are offered to demonstrate how easy the CLP is to use. *

Creating your own lessons is easily achieved.
Tavasham CLP was founded and funded by the Herbert Lane Trust, previously the Association of Small Historic Towns and Villages, whose objectives are to promote awareness of heritage, conservation and good planning practice in small towns and villages. Putting the heritage modules into schools and colleges free of charge fulfils the charitable aspect of our objectives.
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